delivery24no (9), yes (14), yes 861499944 (1),
denomination133orthodox (3), russian_orthodox (11), shia (11), sufi (1), sunni (107),
depot1bus (1),
depth:m11999 (1),
description89#90 средняя школа #90 90-njy orta mekdep (1), (ПГГЭ) Приаральская Гидро Геологическая Экспедиция (1), 1 gat (1), 12 gatly ýaşaýyş jaýy (1), 15th floor of Hotel Ashgabat, panoramic view of city (1), 3rd floor 3й этаж 3-nji gat (1), 5 microdistrict, 3 group, bldg #7 (1), Ahal welaýatynyň, Ak bugdaý etrabynyň 27-nji orta mekdebi (1), Automobile bridge on 17 piers across the Amu Darya, designed for maximum speed of 100 kph. Structure includes sidewalks on each side of the bridge. (1), B-29 in Berkarar Mall, first (ground) floor, gym and fitness equipment and clothing (1), Badghis Province (1), Balkh Province (1), Banquet hall (events venue) in former Parahat Cinema. (1), Border of Ukraine – Donetsk – Volgograd – Astrakhan – Kotyaevka – Atyrau – Beyneu – Zhetybai (– Aktau) – Bekdash – Turkemenbashi – Serdar – Gudurolum – Inche Boroun – Gorgan – Sari – Semnan – Damghan – Yazd – Anar – Bandar Abbas (1), Cemetery of earthquake victims (1), Closed indefinitely as of February 2017 (1), Convenience shop operated by Halk Market ion ground floor ofthe Gulistan (Russian) Bazaar, Azady kocesi side. Same selection as supermarkets but smalller quantities. (1), Convenience store on ground floor of Turkmenistan Univermag, food and sundries including imported sausages (1), Dental Center (Stomotology) (1), EOGPC (2), Espresso bar with menu of burgers, pizzas, Turkish pide. Breakfast is served. Located in the Joşgun building in the park bounded by Nowayy, Mati Kosayew, Berdi Kerbabayew, and Azady. Staff speak English. (1), Failed natural gas mining operation now has been burning since 1971. (1), Faryab Province (1), First LEED Gold building in Turkmenistan. Completed in 2011. (1), Fish place where you can choose your own fish and ask them to grill or fry for you. Also, they do delivery. (1), Flows 1100 km from the mountains of central Afghanistan to Turkmenistan, where it disappears in the Kara-Kum desert. Rud means "river" in Persian. (7), Herat Province (1), Inside Çandybil Shopping Center, ground floor, near the Belarusian store (1), Jowzjan Province (1), Mary is Turkmenistan's fourth-largest city, and a large industrial centre, for the natural gas and cotton industries. (1), Mine and processing plant for potash (Potassium Chloride) fertilizer, owned by Turkmenhimiya and built by Belarusian OAO Belgorkhimprom. Production capaicty rated at 1.4 million metric tons of KCl fertilizer per year. (1), Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry facility, but not a hospital or clinic. (1), New covered parking lot dedicated 9 Sep 2016 as park-and-ride facility to reduce vehicle congestion in the Awaza resort zone. (1), New housing construction site. Project is under the auspices of the Ashgabat mayor's office. Target completion date is June 2017. (1), Non-resident diplomatic mission. Diplomatic staff are resident in Teheran. Listed by Turkmen Ministry of Foreign Affairs as consular and commercial section of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. (1), Official newspaper "Neytral'nyy Turkmenistan" reported 14 July 2016: total area of cargo terminal is 17,174 square meters, annual capacity is 200,000 metric tons of freight. Terminal includes two refrigerated units and a postal distribution center. (1), Reahabilitation center for spine and skeletal problems. (1), Ruins of a 9-th-10th century city that includes a Sufi mosque and medressa. (1), Sales, service and repair of personal computers, peripherals, and accessories. Owner speaks English. (1), Samara - Uralsk - Atyrau - Beineu - Shetpe - Zhetybai - Fetisovo - Bekdash - Turkmenbashi - Gyzylarbat - Border of Iran (1), Samara – Kurlin – Pogodaevo – Ural’sk – Atyrau – Beyneu – Oazis – Nukus – Bukhara – Guza (1), Second floor of the Turkmenistan Univermag, east side, enter from the central courtyard. (1), Shop number 93 in the trading stall on the south side of Teke Bazaar. Also carries some art and office supplies. (1), Spherical construction of six columns in the shape of the moon, symbolizing the six sons of Oguz Han. (1), Testing laboratories of the MInistry of Health. (1), The building has been designed primarily as an Indoor Athletics Arena. However, there are other sports and activities which can be housed in this building comprising Ten Pin Bowling, Chess and E Games. (1), This monument, a monastic complex and pilgrimage site founded in the 11th Century, is one of the great religious and architectural monuments from Central Asia’s medieval history. (1), Top floor of Bagtyyarlyk Shopping Center (2), Turkmen border crossing. Visited February 23, 2016. This side of the border is called Garabogaz. (1), Two-year vocational secondary school of tourism. (1), Türkmenbaşy bank branch in northeast corner of Candybil market. ATM (1), Underground Lake (1), Very broken surface - Aug 2015. (1), Visited on February 23, 2016. Called Temir Baba in Kazakh. (1), banquet hall of the Ak Altyn Hotel (1), building with an interior courtyard (1), coin-operated pay phone (1), complex is described in Turkmen here: (1), former dacha community being redeveloped as a neighborhood of metropolitan Ashgabat (1), inside Türkmenistan Söwda Merkezi (Универмаг), ground floor (1), located behind Practice Field 3 at Ashgabat Stadium. Steakhouse plus retail sale of raw steaks for grilling at home. No alcohol or pork. (1), located in Berkarar Business Center, Office M-2, 13th Floor (1), shopping center with multiple small retail outlets (1), small food court on 3rd floor of Children's World shopping mall (1), temporary embassy chancery of Israel while permanent chancery in Paytagt Business Center is under renovation (1), three steel columns reaching upwards in the shape of flames, representing a communal hearth, prosperity and sufficiency, evincing the Turkmen people's deep respect for "dastarhan", the tablecloth of abundance (1), training field 3 (1), training field 4 (1), turn point of modified midlineAserbaijan-Kazakhstan on seabed (1), Автоматизированные газораспределительные станции (1), Аэродром ГУЛаг и "Средазгипрострой" ведших строительство Главного Туркменского канала. Позднее на нем совершали посадки самолеты АН-2 обеспечивавшие работу геологических экспедиций. (1), Бывший дом Рахметовых (1), Здесь содержались дети, родители которых болели проказой (1), ОАО "93-Махсус Трест" (1), ООО "НУКУС АВТОКОЛОННА ТРАНС" (1), Образовательно-Консультационный Центр (ЕАС) является источником открытой и бесплатной информации о возможностях получения образования в США и располагает информацией о стандартизированных тестах: (1), Поселка Устюртской геофизической экспедиции (1), Прокат велосипедов. Хорошие техническое обслуживание. Удобные цены. Отличный сервис. (1), Торговый центр (1), главная дорога (2),
desert1salt (1),
design107asymmetric (40), barrel (60), flag (2), portal (5),
designation935/6 rV (1), 500 rV Open Switch Yard (1), Border Fence (5), Main Transformer 24/220kV (1), Turkmenistanyn Milli Muzey (1),
destination46Aeroport;Airport (1), Airport Traffic Circle (2), Altyn Asyr Gundogar basary (1), Aral Sea (3), Arcabil (3), Asgabat Arcadil (1), Asgabat; Mary (2), Asgabat;Mary (6), Atamyrat Nyyazow North (2), Bitarap (3), Dasoguz (2), Demir yol;menzili (1), Kuliyew (2127) East (2), Kuliyew (2127) West (2), Kuliyew (2127) kocesi (4), Merkez (1), Nurmuhamed Andalib (1958) kocesi (4), Turkmenbasy;Mary (3), en:Karakum Desert (1), sign (1), zawod aeroport (1),
destination:lanes31-11 Kici etrapca, 1-11 microdistrict|Turkmenbashi (1), Airport "Turkmenbaski"|Airport "Turkmenbaski"|Airport "Turkmenbaski"|Turkmenbaski, 1-11 Kici etrapca, 1-11 microdistrict (1), National Tourist Zone Awaza|National Tourist Zone Awaza|National Tourist Zone Awaza|Airport "Turkmenbaski" (1),
destination:symbol3airport (3),
diameter11422 (1),
diaper1no (1),
diplomatic16ambassadors_residence (5), consulate (2), embassy (9),
diplomatic:sending_country1KR (1),
direction5Aşgabat (1), Magtymguly (1), Merkez (3),
dispensing1yes (1),
district1Parahat 6 (1),
disused7aerodrome (1), runway (1), yes (5),
drive_through6no (6),
duration117:00 (1),
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